Why Facebook Advertising is effective?

You may be new to Facebook Advertising or may have spent many dollars but got nothing in results.

We understand that Facebook Advertising is a menace, but you can also achieve your advertising goals by doing it in the right way.

We are here to explain all the mistakes you did and their solutions, and We will also explain different methods and techniques that can be useful in getting conversions.

So, let us prove that Why Facebook Advertising is effective?

Statistical proof of Why Facebook Advertising is Effective?

Last year, Facebook generated over 55.8bn USD in revenue. That is 22.1bn in net income. They earned all this through 190M advertisers.

Have you ever wondered why so many people spent billions of dollars on Facebook Advertising? Just take a look at US President, Mr. Trump. His official page spent somewhere around 8,094,076$ (May 2018-2019).  [Source: Statista]

All these people spending money may have different goals, but surely, they are doing it for conversions and achieving them.

No one wastes hundreds of dollars to get likes on posts. So, what are the issues that are keeping you away from getting good results?

How can you increase your conversions and achieve your goals?

We suppose that you have got the answer to your question of Why Facebook Advertising is effective?

No? Then Let us make Facebook Advertising useful for you as well.

Now, we are going to discuss a few mistakes to avoid as well as some techniques that could be helpful in Facebook Advertising.

      1. Prioritize Interests over Region (Geo-Targeting)

Facebook provides you the option to select both the region and interests of the targeted audience. Please filter the interests of your audience to a maximum level possible.

It may decrease your audience and make it narrow, increase the targeted region’s radius as much as possible but give priority to interests.

In this way, you will be able to target all people that have maximum attentiveness in your business rather than targeting all people that use Facebook in your business region with no interest in your product.

  1. Target Correct Devices

You may be making this mistake of targeting every single person possible. DO NOT try to do that. Just target those people who have the maximum chance to buy your product. Similar is the case while targeting the audience.

“When you speak to everyone, you speak to no one.” – Meredith Hill

If your audience is most active on mobiles or if your product is only related to smartphones than target only smartphone users. It is true that desktop users may have a smartphone, but the chances of buying your product are relatively low.

  1. Post at Right Time

Study shows that advertisements done between 10 pm to Midnight of your audience’s local time have a higher chance of conversions. You have this 2-hour golden time. Let me explain why I am saying this as a golden time.

During this time, the posts on Facebook are usually low, so there are higher chances people will see your advertisements. Not to forget, you also have competition with other advertisers who typically are not as smart as you, and thus your ad will be noticed as well.

  1. Analyze your Advertisers

Your competitors are your best teachers. Analyze from them, learn from the copy them, make things better them, and beat them. It is as simple as that. 

Facebook now gives you the option to see which type of ads your competitors are running. What is their content, and so on? 

Go to Ads Library, type the name of your competitor and BOOM. Results are in front of you.

You can see which type of Ads they are using, and you can see the title formats and the number of active advertisements they have.

The same technique of analyzing can be used if you are selling a product, suppose a refrigerator. 

You can examine all the brand pages related to electronics. You will have a great idea from all of them.

  1. Use Video Ads Where Possible

Study shows that video engagements are more as compared to Image. Use videos whenever possible. 

You know that YouTube is the second biggest search engine right now, and you may prefer to embed its video. But never do this mistake. 

Try to upload video directly on Facebook and use that video. In this way, it would be integrated seamlessly into your content.

Video Ads can also convince your users. Just take a look at kick-starter campaigns how people use Video ads and convert them to thousands of dollars.

If you do not have a video for your Advertisement, you can use images and make a slideshow. Put some text and a piece of background music. 

Perfect! Your video is ready. Giant pages such as “In the Now” are also using such videos and people really like such videos.

  1. Attract users at First Glance (a PHRASE to attract users)

If you are offering FREE Shipping, mention it. Mention anything which can attract users and make you stand out in the competition. 

As we told you above use videos, You can specify that one thing to attract users in your videos or if you are not using a video then Highlight it in your Image or text.

  1. Keep Posts short and to the point

No one is going to read a long story written about your product. Keep the post within the character limit of 150 words. Keep it short but meaningful.

At the End

Take note of all the 7 points I mentioned above. Keep them in mind while creating your next Facebook Ad.

Do whatever you can to get the 6 seconds attention of users. It is all you need to bring conversion. You have to stop your users from scrolling for a few seconds. I know you can do it. 😊

Do share the post if you like. Tell everyone why Facebook Advertising is effective? 

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